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Amazon Filters

Delivering quality filtration products…

Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of process filtration systems and is able to offer a solution to meet all your filtration needs.

An established provider with significant experience in supplying filtration systems for the production of purified and process water, for desalination plants and for municipal water supply. This expertise enables to provide you with optimum filtration solutions for your particular process.

Designer and manufacturer with extensive range of liquid filtration systems, providing one of the widest selections of filtration vessels, depth filters and pleated cartridges available today. Amazon’s filters are manufactured in clean room conditions and all products come with detailed Product Validation Guides and Technical Support documentation.

Amazon Filters is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 by one of the world’s most prestigious and respected accreditation bodies, the British Standards Institute. Our certificate number is FM 39584. To support and complement the Company’s quality systems, Amazon Filters is also actively engaged in gaining approvals for its products in specific industries. For example, SupaSpun II filters have gained accreditation for use in public water supplies under Regulation 31 of the UK Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, one of very few products to achieve this high standard of approval.

Elfi Filtration

Elfi produces filtering systems with a variety of materials in order to meet any kind of process need. Their standard production focuses on the most frequent filtration degrees for application in self-cleaning filtration from 500 μm to 25 μm. There is an increasing number of applications requiring filters that can operate even below these values down to 1÷2 μm. These cases call for careful engineering of the application to enable adequate sizing of the system and achieve excellent performance. Elfi also specializes in the construction of customized filtration systems providing highly competitive solutions for any industrial application and in line with every customer’s specific requirements.