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MWG Filtering media

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Greensand Plus - RA074
Filter media used for removing soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, arsenic and radium from well water supplies;
The Manganese Greensand Plus has a manganese dioxide coated surface that acts as a catalyst in the oxidation-reduction of
iron and manganese;
The silica sand core allows to better withstand operating conditions in waters that are low in silica, TDS and hardness;
A pre-filtration with sand and anthracite is recommended;
The Manganese Greensand Plus can be used in CR (continuous regeneration) or IR (intermittent regeneration) and requires no
changes in backwash rate or times or chemical feeds;
The removal of iron and manganese can be made by using oxidant as chlorine, even in the presence of manganese;
Not shipped in regenerated form; prior to use it is necessary to regenerate with a solution of potassium permanganate
contacting the bed for a minimum of 4 hours. A regeneration level of 4 g of potassium permanganate per liter is recommended.
Before placing in service the filter must be rinsed of all remaining traces of potassium permanganate;
Dosage Cl2 (mg/l) = 1 mg/l Fe + 3 mg/l Mn + 6 mg/l H2S + 8 mg/l NH3 for service flow rate continuous;
Available in 14,2 liters bags
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
MTM - RA071
MTM consist of a light weight granular core with a coating of manganese dioxide, and is used for reducing iron, manganese and
hydrogen sulphide from water. Its active surface coating oxidizes and precipitate soluble iron and manganese, and hydrogen
sulphide is oxidized to a sulphur. The precipitates are filtered out in the granular bed and removed by backwashing;
Compared to other iron removal medias, MTM has many advantages: pH level as low as 6,2 can be treated, dissolved oxygen is
not essential, the media light weight reduces backwash water requirements;
Chlorine can be beneficial in extending filter run times;
MTM requires intermittent or continuous regeneration to maintain its oxidizing capacity, with a weak solution of potassium
Regeneration KMnO4 solution from 1,5 to 2 g per liter MTM;
A new bed should be regenerated at the start up;
CAUTION: operating the filter after its oxidizing capacity is exhausted will reduce its service life and may cause staining;
Influent limitations: none oil and polyphosphates;
Available in 28,3 liters bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
BIRM - RA072
Granular filter media used for the reduction of iron and manganese dissolved in the water. In ground water the dissolved iron is
usually in the ferrous bicarbonate state and is not filterable; BIRM acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between
dissolved oxygen and iron compounds, producing ferric hydroxide which precipitates and may be easily filtered;
The physical characteristics of BIRM provide an excellent filter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the
BIRM is not consumed in the iron removal operation;
Available in 28,3 liters bags;
Following are the conditions necessary for a good efficiency of the BIRM:
No Oil, Hydrogen Sulphide and Polyphosphates in the water;
o pH 6,8 ÷ 9,0 (if water contains also manganese pH has to be 8,0 ÷ 8,5);
o dissolved oxygen content must be equal to at least 15% of the iron content and 29% of the manganese content;
o alkalinity should be greater than two times the combined sulphate and chloride concentration;
o less than 5 ppm TOC.
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*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Pyrolusite - RA069
PYROLUSITE is manganese dioxide (MnO2) of very good quality and pureness obtained by washing, drying and screening of
mineral selected for the specific catalytic activity;
Used as catalyser for the reduction of iron and manganese dissolved in the water, by sand filters, mixed 20÷50 % with sand
0,4÷0,8 / 0,7÷1,2 mm;
Does not require a compulsory regeneration with KMnO4 , but you can do a continuous chlorination or a chlorination during the
Hardness 3° ÷ 5° Mosh;
Available in 25 kg bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Activated Carbon 
RA204 activated carbon is not suitable for treatment of water intended for human consumption;
In granular form;
Suitable for Chlorine, chemical oxidants, chlorinated compounds and organic contaminants dissolved in water;
activated carbon require periodic backwashing to eliminate accumulated suspended matters and to regrade the filter bed;
A good backwashing of the AC filter bed of the start-up is required.
Mainly bituminous origin coal activated carbons are carefully selected, with a thermal activation process at strictly controlled
temperature to obtain a large surface area and a mesoporous structure allowing the adsorption of high molecular weight organic
compounds in particular hydrocarbons, atrazine, surfactants;
Mainly vegetal (coconut base) activated carbons are suitable for applications that need good resistance to the attrition and
mechanical shocks; they have a microporous structure allowing the adsorption of low molecular weight organic compounds in
particular trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Acid Washed Activated Carbon - RA222
High quality granular activated carbon produced by physical activation of selected raw material of mineral origin;
It is further washed with acid in order to reduce the ash content;
Particularly effective for the removal of organic pollutants, dyes, pesticides, chlorinated and aromatic solvents, phenols, tannins,
chlorine derivatives and compounds that cause bad smells and tastes in drinking water;
Suitable for different applications such as the purification of water intended for human consumption, the purification of
wastewater, of process and condensates. It is also used in the purification and discoloration processes of intermediates chemical
and food products;
It can be thermally reactivated once its adsorbing capacity is exhaust;
Available in 25 kg bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Filter Sand and Gravel
REF. RA049, RA050, RA051, RA052 and RA053;
Filter sand and gravel shape of alluvium origin, uncrushed;
High contents of silica, selected for specific use in water filtration for potable and industrial application;
Hardness 7° Mosh.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Granular anthracite selected per gradation, hardness and purity for specific use in potable and industrial water filtration;
The high filtering efficiency of anthracite is due to its angular shape, that allows high filtering speed, longer filter runs and less
head loss;  
Excellent media with density lower than sand, the anthracite is usually used in multimedia filters;
Minimum carbon contents 90%, low silica, hardness 3° Mosh average.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
CALCITE is a natural crushed and screened calcium carbonate media which is used to neutralize low pH waters;
Acidic water slowly dissolves the calcium carbonate to raise the pH which reduces the potential leaching of copper, lead and
other metals found in typical plumbing systems;
One of the advantages of CALCITE is its self-limiting property, that corrects pH only enough to reach a non corrosive equilibrium;
Of course CALCITE will increase the hardness of the water;
Periodic backwashing of the bed is necessary to keep in working order the system;
The CALCITE bed will have to be periodically replenished as the CALCITE is depleted;
Gravel support bed is recommended;
Available in 15,6 liters bags
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Filter AG  
Filter-Ag is a non-hydrous silicon dioxide media which can be used as highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended
matter. Its fractured edges and irregular surface provides an high surface area and complex flow path for efficient filtration;
Less pressure loss through a bed of Filter-Ag than through most other filter medias;
Light weight requires lower backwash rates than other filter medias;
Upon installation allow bed to soak overnight before backwashing;
Available in 28,3 liters bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Filter AG Plus
Filter-Ag Plus is a clinoptilolite natural media with a large surface area and microporous structure which can be used as highly
efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter. Its irregular surface and 3 micron void spaces provides a surface
area over 100 times greater than silica sand;
Its low pressure drop, high service flow rates and high bed loadings combined with lower backwash frequency allow economy in
equipment downsizing and reduced pumping requirements;
Utilizing deep bed filtration can tipically reduce suspended solids down to 5 micron or less range;
Filter Ag Plus can be applied to systems designed for either pressure or gravity flow;
Available in 28,3 liters bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
GFH (Granular Ferric Hydroxide)
Granular ferric hydroxide GFH is an adsorbent for selective removal of arsenic (both arsenite and arsenate), phosphate,
vanadium, antimony, lead, uranium, molybdenum and other heavy metals from natural water;
Preoxidation is not required for arsenic removal applications;
Once the media has exhausted its adsorption capacity, it is removed from the vessel and replaced with new media;
The simplicity of this process is very attractive for small installations and wellhead applications;
Active substance Fe(OH)3 + β-FeOOH;
Dry solids content 58% (± 10%).
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
ECOMIX is a granular filtering media, suitable for remove natural organic matter, hardness, iron, manganese and ammonia in a
wide pH range and without any oxidant products dosage;
ECOMIX is a homogeneous mixture of five high quality ion-exchange and adsorption materials of natural and synthetic origin;
You can use ECOMIX as a ion-exchange resin and regenerate it with sodium chloride (NaCl);
Wide range of raw water as indicated in the “Limit Concentration
Table” below;
ECOMIX can treat water with high concentration of Fe and Mn, and with max TDS = 4000 mg/l;
To calculate filter capacity, one should only consider water hardness and ion-exchange capacity (don’t consider Fe and Mn data);
NSF/ANSI 44, 61 & 372 certified;
Shipping weight 0,75 kg / liter;
Available in 12,0 liters bags.
ECOMIX A is preferred when the contaminats to be removed are mainly Ammonia, Hardness, Iron and Manganese, and you have
a little quantity of organic matter;
ECOMIX C is preferred when the contaminats to be removed are mainly Ammonia, Hardness, Iron and Manganese, and you have
a big quantity of organic matter;
ECOMIX P is preferred when the contaminats to be removed are mainly Hardness, Iron and Manganese;
Warning: if you use only a part of the product contained in a bag, you have make sure that all the contents are mixed, in order
to homogenize the product before spilling. ECOMIX is a mixture of five materials with different specific weight and different
particle size, which if not well mixed tends to stratify.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet
Corosex RA075
Corosex is designed for use in filters to neutralize acidity by increasing the pH value;
By neutralizing the free carbon dioxide in water, Corosex can correct acidic water conditions and render it less corrosive.
Corosex, being a highly reactive magnesium oxide, is used most effectively where pH correction is substantial or high flow
conditions are in use. pH correction and media consumption are affected by a number of water chemical variables. Being soluble
to acidity, Corosex will slowly dissolve and will need to be replenished periodically;
On a per weight basis, magnesium oxide can neutralize five times more acidity than can calcium carbonate. This results in
greatly reduced chemical usage for the same pH correction. Please note; under certain low flow conditions, Corosex may
overcorrect and create a highly basic (high pH) condition;
Under certain hardness conditions, pH correction can cause hardness minerals to precipitate out of solution, resulting in
cementing or solidification of the Corosex mineral bed. Upflow service is generally recommended with hardness exceeding 9 °F.
Always use an in-line filter ahead of an upflow system to prevent plugging of the lower distribution screen;
As Corosex’s magnesium oxide neutralizes the water, it will increase hardness and a softener may become necessary after the
neutralizing filter;
Corosex can be effectively combined with Calcite to combine the high flow neutralization properties of Corosex, along with the
slower reacting low flow properties of Calcite, reducing potentially high basic properties due to overcorrection;
High degree of activity and speed of correction allowing high flow;
High capacity...less chemical usage;
Available in 18,7 liters bags.
*Please refer details in the enclosed datasheet